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Calico Bass on the Chew!

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Family and Crew trip aboard the Hi-Count limited out with ease on quality Calico Bass! Just outside the harbor at the Point Loma kelp the Calico Bass were on the chew! Our youngest member Kayden caught several bass winding in a plastic from the rod holder, absolutely the best experience for a young angler. The surface iron was absolutely deadly, accounting for most of our fish. We also landed fish on the fly lined sardines. Such a treat to see big bass on the surface boiling around below Tern birds, and then sight casting to them and getting a hookup. Coincidentally, all of our fish were released to fight another day. Only a picture taken, and then quickly dispatched back into the wild. A bright sunny day with a light breeze, and close friends and family, what more could a person ask for? Truly a special day.

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