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Hi-Count's Fishing Report for September 17th

Califishing Charter Boat San Diego Fishing Six Pack Yellowfin Tuna

After a few hours of driving around in beautiful conditions in a seemingly empty ocean, we made a move and went back to our previous day's hot zone and boy were we glad we did. A breezer the size of a football field was a sight for sore eyes. We slid onto it and a double jig strike led the way to 45 minutes of pure pandemonium as every bait was instantly devoured. When the dust settled we had boat limits of Yellowfin Tuna. These fish are hopefully the first wave of our tardy migratory species. Hopefully the next storm down below will push the next wave into our local waters. As it stands now these fish are EASILY reached on a 3/4 day trip and soon to be on the north side of the border. And as a side note, the giant Bluefin Tuna that have been in our local waters for the past 3 years are not only still here, but they are consistently biting. Fish from 100 to over 200 pounds are being landed daily. So if you have ever wanted to catch a trophy-sized fish and don't have 17 days to donate to a long-range trip, this is your chance. Call Jason to book your trip (714) 809-9772.

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